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Film people on my fl: help!

I have to do a final research/analysis paper on one of the following:

* Treasures IV: American Avant-Garde Film 1947-1986 DVD
Released March 3.

** Kenneth Anger
Scorpio Rising; other films not discussed in class

X Peggy Awhesh
She Puppet; The Deadman; Nocturne

* Animal Charm (Found Footage, Live Cinema)
At least three videos from Golden Harvest DVD

X*** Abigail Child (sound / image collage)
Mayhem; Mercy; Covert Action

** Martin Arnold (Found Footage)
Passage a l’acte; Piece Touchee; Alone: Life Wastes Andy Hardy

** Craig Baldwin (Found Footage)
RocketKitCongoKit; Wild Gunman; or Specters of the Spectrum

X Matthew Barney (Gallery Film / Performance)
Cremaster 3 or Drawing Restraint 9

** Sadie Benning (Personal essay / Pixelvision)
Three videos from The Works of Sadie Benning (VHS)

X*** Robert Breer (experimental animation)
Three works from Recreations collection

X Dietmar Brehm
Black Garden DVD collection

X Vivienne Dick (Punk Film)
She Had Her Gun All Ready; Guerrillere Talks

** Maya Deren
At Land; other films not discussed in class

X Oskar Fischinger (abstract animation)
10 Films DVD

X*** Fluxus
Fluxfilm Anthology

X *** Hollis Frampton (Structural Film)
Zorns Lemma; Nostalgia

X Robert Frank (Beat film)
Pull My Daisy; Sin of Jesus

** Su Friedrich (Personal Essay)
Gently Down the Stream and Sink or Swim or The Ties that Bind

X Jean Genet (French author)
Un Chant d’amour

* Peter Greenaway (British structural film)
The Falls; Vertical Features Remake; A Walk through H

X Eve Heller (Personal essay, found footage)
Behind This Soft Eclipse; Her Glacial Speed; Last Lost; Astor Place

X Larry Jordan (collage animation)
Our Lady of The Spheres; Larry Jordan collection DVD

X Miranda July (Gallery Video / Performance)
The Amateurist; Getting Stronger Everty Day; Nest of Tens

X Richard Kern (Post-punk, Cinema of Transgression)
Hardcore Collection DVD

* Lewis Klahr (Collage Animation)
Pony Glass; Altair; Lulu (Anxious Animation DVD)

** Kurt Kren (structural film; action performance)
Structural Film DVD; Action Film DVD

X Peter Kubelka
Schwechater; Adebar; Arnulf Rainer; Unsere Afriareise

X*** George Kuchar
Hold Me While I’m Naked; Weather Diary #3

* Mike Kuchar
Sins of the Fleshapoids; The Craven Sluck

X Christopher Maclaine (Beat film)
The End; The Man Who Invented Gold

* Matt McCormick (Found Footage, Experimental Documentary)
The Vyrotonin Decision; From Tugboats and Polar Bears DVD

X*** Jonas Mekas (Diary Film)
Lost, Lost, Lost;

* Bill Morrison (Found footage essay)
Decasia: The State of Decay; Light is Calling

X*** Pat O’Neill (Optical Printed Abstraction)
Water and Power or The Decay of Fiction

X*** Sidney Peterson (1940s)
The Lead Shoes; Frenhofer and the Minataour; Potted Psalm

* Man Ray (Dada and Surrealism)
Emak-Bakia; L’Etoile de Mer; Le Retour a la Raison; Les Mysteres Du Chateau du Dé

X Ron Rice (Beat film)
The Flower Thief

X*** Yvonne Rainer (Minimalism and New Narrative)
Film about a Woman who…; Lives of Performers

* Jimmy Joe Roche w/ Dan Deacon (music abstraction, Live Cinema)
Ultimate Reality DVD; [Dr. K also has Roche’s Hell Beast DVD]

X John Smith
The Girl Chewing Gum; The Dark Tower; Shepherd’s Delight

X Michael Snow (recent work)
Corpus Callosum; SSHTOORRTY

* Deborah Stratman (Personal essay, Something Like Flying DVD)
Kings of the Sky; In Order Not to Be Here

X*** Ryan Trecartin (mediated performance)
I-BE AREA; A Family Finds Entertainment

X Peter Tscherkassky (Found Footage)
Three films from Films from a Dark Room DVD

* TV Sheriff and the Trailbuddies (Found Footage, Live Cinema)
Any four videos or live mixes from Not 4 $ale

X Naomi Uman (Found Footage, personal essays)
Removed; Hand Eye Coordination

X Andy Warhol Sound Features
Kitchen and Beauty #2 (w/ Edie) or My Hustler and Lonesome Cowboys

*Andy Warhol: Screen Tests
13 Most Beautiful… DVD released in March

X*** Stan Vanderbeek (collage animation, expanded cinema)
Science Friction; Breathdeath; Achooo Mr. Kerrooschev

**=Randall Library (often also Netflix)
***=UBU Film and Video
X=Dr. Kreul's personal collection

Help me to choose, based on what you guys know of my film interests. I am leaning toward Anger [EASY/FUN], but also like Martin Arnold, Greenaway, and am interested in Vanderbeek & th Kuchars [though don't know which one to choose!]

Halp, thanks ^__________^
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